Group Life Insurance

NEW! InCareLife


  • Voluntary, Employee paid Life Insurance plan that is built for businesses like yours!
  • Guaranteed Issue of $100,000 in coverage with no medical exam or health questions!
  • Employees either not insurable or would be rated…this is a gift for them!
  • Total Coverage of up to $250,000 with only a few health questions.
  • And it’s a Permanent-Policy! Whole Life! Very rare for group policies! Not Term!
  • Coverage as low as $10,000 that can be increased at anniversary to $100,000! Even if health had changed!
  • A Long Term Care Insurance Alternative! Up to 75% of the death benefit can be paid as lump sum with only 2 qualifying ADL’s: Eating, Bathing, Dressing, Toileting, Continence or even only Cognitive Impairment! Can be used for anything!
  • This is also a Participating plan! It has paid a dividend every year since 1869 Last year’s dividend was 6.2%!
  • It is a “Portable” policy, so the employee can keep it if they leave your employment!
  • Young people enroll because it’s simple and the rates are low and will never go up!
  • Older employees can qualify for coverage that is otherwise unobtainable (age, health, cancer, etc.)
  • Example: A 68-year old who’s a cancer survivor can get $100,000 Guaranteed! And likely another $150K with only a few simple health questions.

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